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Hope Security provides highly professional, uniformed security officers to all industry sectors including commercial property management, public transport, retail, broadcasting, universities, hospitals, mining, energy & resource projects, and major events, all levels of government and high profile international events and conferences.

Our officers undergo stringent selection and training processes from tailored induction programs to site-specific and specialist training.

Hope Security's unrivalled industry knowledge, experience, operational management techniques and network contacts will ensure that your security plan is manged effectively, professionally and confidently. With more than 230 employees, Hope Security has the capability and flexibility to provide guarding at short notice, irrespective of the size of your operation.

Hope Security values the importance of technology and uses the latest electronic applications for its comprehensive reporting and security systems and KPI management.

By choosing Hope Security, your service delivery will consist of superior personnel combined with the best and latest equipment on the market.

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Hope Security's national network of mobile patrolled vehicles, linked via its ASIAL-accredited, Grade A1 Alarm Monitoring Centre, form an integral part of your security package.

For more than twenty years Hope Security has stood apart from it's competitors through innovation a strategic approach. The introduction of Mobile Surveillance CCTV is a prime example that demonstrates how Hope Security has provided a cost effective solution for clients that face significant community challenges.

Its in-house design team successfully adapted cutting edge technology with an existing application, which has had an immediate implace on behavioural patterns in city streets and entertainment precincts.

Each patrol vehicle is equipped with satellite tracking, GPS navigation, in-car terminals and communication technology that minimise incidents and maximise safety.

Mobile patrols are the most cost effective deterrent against crime, as well as damage limitation caused by flood or fire. They provide the best possible site security when there is no manned guard.

Hope Security's mobile patrol personnel are well trained and fully briefed on client requirements and patrol procedures. Each client is provided with highly visible signage for attachment to fencing or a wall to enhance deterrence.

Empty sites attract criminals and vandals. As clients may be liable for injury to trespassers, Hope Security's highly visible presence can help lower insurance premiums through regular and random site inspections and mobile patrols to verify that:

* there are no intruders on or around the site
* the alarm system is active and fully operational
* all gates, windows and doors are locked
* the alert has been sounded for illegal entry
* both the police and client are contacted if necessary.

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