Melbourne Commercial & Business Security Services

Hope Security provide Commercial & Business Security Guards for those of you who have a business that you need to safeguard from legal liability, risk and harm.

Small businesses have to deal with the reality that thefts and other crimes can occur on business premises. Some businesses, such as convenience stores, banks and retail stores, may be more of a target for criminals and petty thieves than other types, but a wide variety of businesses choose to hire security guards. Guards can be used to prevent crime, maintain security, and assist customers and employees.

At Hope Security we have been providing security guards to clients in Melbourne for over 25 years. Some of the sectors we have offered security services to are:

  • School Security
  • University Security
  • Retail Security Service
  • Shopping Centre Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Strata Security Services
  • Building Security
  • Security Mobile Patrols
  • Static Security Guarding
  • Concierge Security

The presence of a Hope Security guard at a business can provide peace of mind and a sense of security to the business owner, employees and customers. Employees that work in high-risk areas are more productive and easier to retain when they don't have to worry about personal safety. It also lets customers know that you are concerned about their safety and willing to take steps to insure it. This may be particularly important for businesses that deal in very high-end merchandise or are located in high-crime areas.

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Security solutions tailored
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