Hope Security is both ECO and ISO approved and specialises in an extensive range of security services including private investigations, mobile patrols & alarm response, static guarding, crowd control, first aid & medical response, small business, corporate & special needs, armed cash escorts, event security, VIP protection and concierge services. Furthermore, its guards are Bylaws Officers authorised by the City of Melbourne.

Hope Security is strongly committed to providing quality client service, as reflected in its dependability, professionalism and high standards, all of which are mandatory requirements for it's team of business consultants and managers.

Hope Security is recognised today as one of the leading security firms. Our client list ranges across all sectors including events, education, major construction, government and more.

Security is an overriding concern in Australia. Whether it is mining and coal extraction sites, pipelines and refineries or super-sized shopping malls, stakeholders want the best security services available. That’s why so many leading companies look to Hope Security to meet their needs. Whether it is simply monitoring and controlling access to corporate headquarters and company branches or a wholly customised security operation designed to protect sensitive sites, Hope Security has the experience, the tools and the trained manpower to guarantee your daily business activities proceed in a wholly safe and secure environment.

Before sending personnel to man security stations and perform patrols, Hope Security meets with clients to gain a complete understanding of security needs, both immediate and long-term. Together with our clients, we develop strategies and then implement them as a team, continually reassessing our procedures and approach to ensure that no security lapses take place. Over time, any and all security-related incidents will be evaluated as part of our unwavering dedication to identifying opportunities to improve our service and ensure your security.

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